Adding BI dashboards to your existing UKG solutions with CloudApper

Organizations use workforce management solutions like UKG’s ones to optimize the scheduling and management of their employees. These solutions are proven to help organizations improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and enhance compliance with labor laws.
The CloudApper platform helps UKG customers add different features to their existing solutions – enhancing workforce management. One such feature CloudApper provides to UKG customers is custom business intelligence (BI) dashboards.
With that out of the way, let’s explore how CloudApper’s BI dashboards augment UKG solutions to help UKG users make informed decisions and provide valuable insights for their businesses.

CloudApper’s BI dashboards in a nutshell

The custom business intelligence (BI) dashboards are made using the CloudApper community for UKG. With the CloudApper AI platform, users can build, modify, and add these BI dashboards to their UKG software. CloudApper simply pulls relevant information from UKG and presents it to the users in the form of graphs and charts within the dashboards. UKG users can easily view the required information to make better-informed decisions and gain valuable insights regarding their workforce.
One of the standout features CloudApper provides is the variety of customizable dashboards it offers for UKG customers. Whether organizations are interested in predictive analysis, compensation analysis, employment analytics, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) analytics, or even recruitment insights, CloudApper can help them make data-driven decisions with its BI dashboards.

The different types of BI dashboards CloudApper provides

For example, the predictive analysis dashboard provides UKG users with information that can help them forecast future trends and make informed decisions about resources and workforce strategies.
On the other hand, the compensation analysis dashboard provides all the information related to pay groups, salary, and everything else in between.
The employment analytics dashboard provides insights regarding headcounts, salaried employees, hourly employees, termination reasons, etc.
Furthermore, CloudApper offers a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) analytics dashboard, which can help organizations understand and address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.
Lastly, the recruitment insights dashboard provides valuable information about the company’s hiring process, including candidate sourcing, employees with foreign experience, education levels, and so on. Of course, all these dashboards are highly customizable such that, organizations can add preferred features at will, as well as remove the ones that are not relevant.
Overall, CloudApper’s BI dashboards are powerful tools that can help UKG customers make informed decisions and provide valuable insights for their businesses.
One may ask: But why would UKG users need to use BI dashboards? For a better understanding, let’s explore.

Why UKG users need CloudApper’s BI dashboards

UKG users may find CloudApper’s BI dashboards helpful because it allows them to easily access and analyze data from UKG in the form of customizable dashboards and even generate professional reports.
For example, suppose you’re a UKG user looking to understand and improve your company’s hiring and retention practices. In that case, the employment analytics dashboard can provide valuable information about your company’s current practices and help you identify areas for improvement.
Similarly, suppose you’re interested in understanding and addressing issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization. In that case, the DEI analytics dashboard can provide valuable insights, while also helping you to develop strategies to promote diversity and inclusion.
At this point, it is important to state that CloudApper is not limited to the BI dashboards, but it can provide UKG users with so much more!

CloudApper can add even more to your UKG solutions

The CloudApper AI platform can be used to create any kind of functionality to augment UKG solutions. UKG customers can track employee tasks, ensure employee availability, reduce compliance issues, add attestations during punch-ins and punch-outs, and so much more!
Contact us now to learn how the CloudApper community can help augment your UKG solutions and optimize workforce management.

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